Safety Management Systems

Farmsafe Queensland provides a range of Workplace Safety Management Systems.


These can include:


- Custom design of workplace health and safety policies and procedural systems


- Instruction and advice on systems introduction and implementation in your workplace


- Development of related policy, hazard identification checklists, audit programs and documentation to suit individual enterprises and commodity groups.






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Custom Designed Workplace Health and Safety Policy and Procedure Systems

Our Safe Systems of Work are custom designed to provide workplace health and safety policy and procedure systems for companies, groups or individual enterprises operating in the rural workplace.

The Systems include extension and advice on the introduction and implementation of WHS systems in your workplace; the development of related policy, hazard identification checklists and documentation to suit individual enterprises and commodity groups.

The Systems can be specifically designed to take into account industry Quality Assurance programs, company or enterprise workplace health and safety policies, insurance industry or workers compensation requirements and/or legislative requirements that may impact on an enterprise engaged in primary production.

Induction and Worker Training Packages:

These packages are flexible and designed to meet the Workplace Health and Safety requirements of individuals, farming partnerships, companies and / or industry and specific commodity groups.

They provide the flexibility of purchasing resources only; or purchasing resource packs combined with an implementation program by Farmsafe Queensland Training staff in your workplace;

- the kits contain all of the necessary documentation for an employer to engage a worker and provide initial safety induction to new workers, and;

- the Induction kits can be integrated with existing workplace policies, procedures safe systems of work and industry quality assurance programs.


Managing Farm Safety Workshops

Farmsafe Queensland Training  offers The “Managing Farm Safety” training program for owners, managers and supervisors in rural industry; Induction training packages for new workers and implementation of on-going training for existing staff.




Hazard analysis & Training


Workplace hazard analysis and audit, risk assessment and advice on the implementation of control measures for the management of specific hazards and hazardous situations.