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Farmsafe Queensland
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 Pic 7Our Staff:

Farmsafe Queensland's field staff are hands-on people with many years experience of living and working in rural industry. They are aware of the issues that impact on rural industry and work closely with rural businesses to provide optimal safety outcomes.

We work closely with a number of consultants when specialist expertise is required.

We offer a comprehensive occupation health and safety service to rural industry throughout Queensland and other rural areas of Australia.

The Board:

The Board of Directors of Farmsafe Queensland Ltd (as at 2 May 2012) consists of:

  • Gary Sansom AM (Chairman)
  • James Cupples (Executive Director)
  • John Harden AM (Director)
  • Gregory J Trost (Director)
  • Assoc Prof Richard Franklin (Director)
  • Bill Nicholas (Director)

The Council:

Farmsafe Queensland consists of 26 shareholder organisations and individuals: